Brand Photography for Those Who Can't Help But Stand Out

You have a superpower, I'd be willing to bet on in. Who you are, and how you do what you do is unique, and it's special. But you're here because it's just not showing through in your marketing. And you're sick of the price shopping emails, of losing clients to competition.

You're here because you want to stand out. You're here because you're passionate, driven, and extremely talented; however, you're struggling to stand out in a highly saturated market. And that's what I'm here for. It's time to tell your story. Your business is worth the investment, and the first person who needs to believe that is you.


I'm Ready to be seen!

Since my early twenties, I've found so much joy in being an eternal student, as well as a serious marketing nerd. I believe that your branding photos should be just as unique as you are, and should highlight not just what you do right now, but the entire journey that brought you where you are.

When we work together, you can expect a creative mindset, a passionate work ethic, and to gain the biggest cheerleader your business could have. Want to hear more?

Hey! I'm Lindley Battle


Let me introduce myself

"It can be scary anytime you spend money on your business, however every penny was worth this shoot. I now have amazing branded photos (that will last me a LONG time) to elevate my business. They perfectly captured my personality and what I want my business to convey to potential clients when they see it. Don’t think twice here!"
                                                                                  - Ashley Nassar, Nassar Creative & Soul

I know there are a lot of
photographers out there

Here's what makes me different.

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I'm not just another photographer who happens to take branding photos. I have a strategic approach to brand photography that is proven to bring results.

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Ten years in strategic digital marketing has taught me what a brand needs to visually present to succeed, especially in the current saturated market.

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You're not just getting a brand photographer when you hire me... you're getting your new biggest cheerleader! I passionately want all of my branding clients to succeed, and will do whatever I can to make that happen.

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I make details a priority because I believe that even the smallest details can make the biggest difference and going above and beyond will make your designs go from good to great!

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I'm not just another photographer who happens to take branding photos. I have a strategic approach to brand photography that is proven to bring results.

Whether your business is a dream for the not-too-distant future, the ink on your LLC papers hasn't quite dried yet, or you've been punching in the hours for years now, your brand images should:

Your Business deserves to stand out

Let's do it!

Clearly set you apart from your competitor
Easily attract and speak to your ideal client

Clearly showcase your unique personality and story

My clients come to me because they're tired of feeling like just another drop in the bucket, when they know that they have something truly special and compelling to share with their audience. Sound familiar? You've made it this far because you're ready to invest in the change that could finally define your brand. Get in touch to hear what a branding photography session could do for your business:

start telling your brand story today

Get in touch. I want to hear the entire story of your business, what your branding goals are, and what makes you love what you do.

Once you get your session booked, we plan extensively. From questionnaires to branding preparation guides, you'll walk into your branding session feeling ready and confident.

After that, we shoot. Session days are nothing but fun, since we do so much legwork on the front end. So pour the champagne, let's get your brand seen.


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