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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Branding Photographer

A Greensboro business and personal branding photographer poses for her headshot photography session.

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Branding Photographer

If you’re reading this, chances are that you either own a business or are hoping to start one in the near future, and you’re considering in investing in professional photography to help visually brand your business. You’ve heard the word “branding shoot” tossed around left and right, but you’re still not sold that you need one yet.

I’m about to give you five solid reasons why you need to invest in the success of your business. Why you need to take the time to determine exactly who you’re speaking to, exactly what you’re saying them, and then craft images intentionally designed to stop them in their tracks and want to know more about you. The saying “a picture speaks a thousand words” has never been more true than in this digital era, and you can no longer afford to have your brand presence failing to speak those thousand words.

01. You Only Get One Chance at a First Impression

Let’s be honest, everything moves ridiculously fast these days. We’re constantly on the go, checking our emails from our phones while also on a conference call and maybe even driving while trying not to spill our to-go coffee on our shirt. Guilty. Where a great, catchy slogan was the marketing king of advertising days past, now all of the emphasis is on visuals – you want to visually brand yourself in a way that makes people want to immediately stop scrolling and see more of what you’re about.

Your ideal clients are going to be instantly drawn to images that resonate with them, and are going to want to buy your products, services, or considerable talents if they can picture what you’re offering fitting seamlessly into their daily lives.

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes for the brain to decode text – so in that 1/10th of a second that your potential future client is looking at the image you’re putting out for them to see, you have to manage to convey every desirable element of your brand possible. And you have to think about this with every. single. photo. you. ever. put. out. It’s a lot to think about  – even if you’ve got an amazing eye for photography, or maybe have your own professional-quality camera, let’s face the facts: you’re busy actually running a business. You may be capable of capturing beautiful branding images, but are all of these things going to constantly be top of mind for you when you’re doing it? Heck no! That’s why it’s so helpful to hire a professional photographer, who will take the time to hear all about your business and then digest your brand story and turn it into beautiful and consistent imagery that is consistently eliciting a positive emotion from the people you want to hire you, because any image could be your first impression!

Creative business branding photography for a small, women owned business owner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

02. Create an Emotional Connection With Images

This has become a huge trend in digital marketing, especially recently – you should be using your brand images to create an emotional connection with your client, and a trained professional branding photographer is the best person to asses your business and tell you which areas you’ll be most benefitted by highlighting. Maybe it’s a business that’s been in your family for three generations, so a photo of you and your father in the office, with a framed picture of your grandfather above your heads would immediately convey a relatable emotional experience. Maybe you’re a single mother who started this business so that her kids would look at what she was doing a be so proud of her. Whoever you are, whatever your business is, there’s a beautiful story to tell, and photography is the most powerful and efficient way to get that story across to your clients – so hire someone not just to tell your business story, but also the story of you!

This point is definitely a big part of where hiring a professional comes into play – if you’re going to be in front of the camera, you want someone behind it who can make you feel comfortable, at ease, and who can work with you to let your truly beautiful personality shine through in your photos! Take it from someone who spent yearsss creating marketing content by hauling around a tripod: unless you’re already ridiculously comfortable with being photographed, that is NOT the best way to get authentic + emotional imagery.

This is why when you’re picking a branding photographer for your business branding session, it’s as important to look for someone who you feel like you can be comfortable around as it is to find someone who is super knowledgable or who has great portfolio work.

A Winston-Salem branding photographer takes business branding headshots for a small business owner in downtown Winston Salem.

03. Showcase What Sets You Apart

First of all, I know that I’m a much more visually driven person than some; however, when I pull up a website and see grainy + inconsistent photos, chances are that I’m clicking off of it pretty quickly. And while in this social media age, most businesses have gotten the memo and have invested in some kind of photography for their online presence, there are still plenty that haven’t. So by investing in a cohesive brand look, you’re immediately conveying the message that your brand is about quality, that you’re not afraid to invest in yourself, so therefore other people should be thrilled to invest in you.

Furthermore, business branding images truly give you a place to develop the uniqueness of your business or services – there’s something about your business that you do better than anyone else in the area, so why would you not try to highlight that every single chance you get? Be sure to let your branding photographer know what you think the most unique and impressive features of  your business are, so that they can plan a shoot that really intentionally includes those elements.

A Winston-Salem branding photographer captures a local businesswoman laughing during her downtown personal branding photography session.

04. You’re Spending Money to Make Money

Across the board, quality photography is going to help your business drive sales, without a doubt. So while it may seem like a pretty large initial investment, imagine how quickly that investment will come back to you – in my business, I’ve found that the investments that I was the most hesitant to make are absolutely the ones that yielded the biggest results. If you start updating your social media with bright, crisp, and cohesive images, you will absolutely grow in followers + engagement, which in turn brings you more potential clients.

Something that I will definitely encourage you to think about, and something that I absolutely beg of all of my clients, is that once you do have really beautiful branding photography, keep it consistent. Please. If you don’t have it in your budget to monthly refresh your professional photography, then be intentional with your posting + re-posting, or be super mindful of only posting stock or other images if they fit with the branding look that you paid for! Nothing kills me more than seeing a social media site with a bunch of high-quality and beautiful imagery, and then a couple of random cell phone photos thrown in the mix. Not only are you confusing your client, who has come to expect a certain caliber of content from you, but you’re also devaluing the beautiful images that you paid so much for.

A Greensboro business and personal branding photographer poses for her headshot photography session.

05. Because Your Brand is Worth It!

At the end of the day, this is the real reason. Whatever you do, you’ve worked hard to make your business or your brand successful, and you deserve to have the professional success that you’ve already worked so hard for. Don’t let the fear of investing in your business hold you back!

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Five Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Branding Photographer




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