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Ways to Get The Most Out of Your Brand Photography Session

Whether you’ve already booked a branding photography session or you’re still on the fence of whether or not your business needs professional brand photography (hint – it does), here are a few things to think about to ensure that you get the absolute most out of your branding photography session.

Have a clear vision on your brand style

When I book a branding client, I send them an extensive brand workbook, which walks them through everything from their ideal client to their brand visuals. My reason for doing this is so that we can ensure that their branding photo session is going to successfully serve them by looking clean, clear, and cohesive across their web and social presence.

Decide a few key messages you want to communicate in your brand photos

This part is what often gets overlooked during brand shoots, and without it, your brand photography session can easily turn into something that only successfully serves your brand for a few months. What goals are you hoping to achieve by having this photo session scheduled? What big projects, launches, or campaigns are on the horizon for the next six months of your business? Are you booking the session primarily to tell the story behind why you started your business, or to have strong behind the scenes photos to show from your business? Giving just a little bit of thought to some clear, accomplishable goals from your branding photography session can really help make your session exceptional, and useful for years to come.

Brainstorm Styled Images

Having styled images of your different business tools or brand elements can be hugely helpful in your business. Even if you don’t see a need for them now, I can’t encourage you enough to request a handful of these from your brand photographer. Having styled images of things like your business cards, the tools you use to run your business, and some of your own personal touches that are unique to you will help immensely in things like launches, courses, blog posts, and general website content.

Seek consistency in your brand images

If you’re going to hire a brand photographer, I highly recommend either finding one photographer that you can work with regularly, or at least finding brand photographers with a similar look. If you have too many different styles of photography across your website and social media, it can start to look messy and unprofessional.

Create an inspiration or vision board

Either using Pinterest or actually getting images printed out (I love to use Artifact Uprising) can do wonders when it comes to preparing for your branding photography session. I make a vision board for each of my clients before their scheduled brand session, because it helps ensure that images stay cohesive in look and feel!

Schedule a Hair and Makeup Appointment

Professional hair and makeup will ensure that you’re feeling like the best and most confident version of yourself on the day of your branding shoot, which will absolutely translate into how you carry yourself while posing for the session.

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