"Lindley seems to see the inner me, the way I see myself when I feel beautiful and she draws it out into the frame."


- Alisha, Personal Branding client

Your Work Speaks for Itself... Now it's Time to Make Sure it Gets Seen.

You have a superpower, I'd be willing to bet on in. Who you are, and how you do what you do is unique, and it's special. But you're here because it's just not showing through in your marketing. And you're sick of the price shopping emails, of losing clients to competition. 


First Things First... What is Branding Photography?

You're here because you want to stand out, and beautiful branding photography is your opportunity to do just that. You're here because you're passionate, driven, and extremely talented; however, you're struggling to stand out in a highly saturated market. And that's what I'm here for. It's time to tell your story. Your business is worth the investment, and the first person who needs to believe that is you.

For the solo-preneur out there making her own boss moves. Personal branding photography is for highlighting your hustle and your story to bring your ideal clients sliding into your inbox nonstop.

Personal Branding Photography

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For the physical business marketing products or services. In everything you do, you value quality. Buy well, buy once. That's why you're here - you want nothing less than the best for your business, and I can help you get that.

Business Branding Photography


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Making your product instantly appeal to your ideal customer. Your customers should be able to easily see themselves using, needing, your product in their daily lives. Product photography helps create a story around your goods for sale, convincing your customers instantly that they need to buy from you.

Product Photography


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For the restaurant owner or food blogger looking for eye-catching images. Eye-catching, mouth-watering images that are sure to stop the scroll and direct your customers immediately to your reservations page.

Food Photography


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"Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.

— Elizabeth Gilbert

here's how this thing works

01. Let’s Talk

First step is that we get in touch. As soon as you submit your inquiry form, we'll schedule a call to chat over your business and what your unique branding needs are.

02. Let’s Plan

Once you're officially booked, the planning process begins! I'll send you a questionnaire so that I can get to know the in's and out's of your business. After you fill that out, I start creating your unique brand shoot directive.

03. Let’s Shoot

It's go time! We'll have worked countless hours by your session day to make sure that everything is completely prepared and flows effortlessly. 

Even though at this point we all work in an over-saturated market, the goal is to be the first (and only) choice out there for your ideal client. Brand photography creates that for you - we streamline your exact ideal client, and focus your shoot to speak directly to them.

Don't need to be convinced to hire you - you were their first choice.

YOUR dream clients

Your dream client isn't the one messaging you asking if you offer discounts, or telling you their budget. Your dream client is the one who is going to book the perfect package for them, regardless of cost, and knows that you're worth every dollar.

Isn't price shopping. They're looking for the best quality, not the best deal.

YOUR dream clients

Book a Branding Photography Experience Completely Personalized to You

Branding photography is a customized experience based on you, your business, and the "why" behind your business, to help you book your perfect clients who are already ready to buy from you before even landing on your website.

Ready to start reaching these dream clients?

- Brittany, business branding photography client 

"She time and time again is able to pull our scattered thoughts and ideas together to create a beautiful, consistent look""


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