Business Branding Photography

The goal of a business branding photography session is creating a strong and cohesive visual brand for physical businesses, from restaurants and furniture store to medical practices and yoga studios. All businesses are branded differently, as all businesses are different, so your branding session will take into account the colors, feel, and look of your business, and translate that into photos for web and social media. 

"She time and time again is able to pull our scattered thoughts and ideas together to create a beautiful, consistent look in all of her images and then goes above and beyond to help with strategies on how to present the images across our platforms."

— B Balanced on burke, business branding client

There’s not much I love more in this business than getting to help brands + businesses create and develop their brand identity through photography.

A brand identity is the collection of logos, photos, and designs that you use to promote your business, and is what tells a story to your target audience about who and what you are as a business. This includes what you value as a company, your personality, and most importantly what your mission is as an enterprise. Establishing a strong, cohesive brand is essential to properly representing yourself and ensuring your company’s sustainability.

Business Branding Photography

Lindley is a photographer but also a social media strategist and is absolute great in understanding the needs and expectations of my business, she has a great eye for beauty and creates stories with her photographs.

"She is a creative and passionate person to work with. She brings life to the uniqueness of every object and room she captures with her camera."

Laurence, Sfeer + co

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“We couldn't believe how easy Joseph made it to get great images.”

jeff & brigette


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