A beautiful and consistent look is an essential part of any brand, which is why I love product photography so much. Telling the story of a brand through a photo is an excellent way to sell your product without having to use any words.

Creating product photos with personality, that flow seamlessly with your brand identity, is such a crucial part of successful selling in this day and age. Statistics show that products showcased in a lifestyle setting (being used, or stylishly displayed) get so much more online interaction than the traditional + simple white background shot.

Click any of the galleries below to see a sampling of the brands that I’ve been lucky enough to do product and branding photography for over the last five years, and then keep scrolling to hear a little bit more about the product photography experience that I offer.

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TRAQ for Alegria

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Sockwell Compression Socks

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Vida Pour Tea

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Alegria Shoes

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State Street Jewelers

"My personal style preference for product photography changes often, so often that Lindley has gained a sixth sense as to when to simply drop by and start snapping photos while kindly asking what style we're going after..."

— Sarah Chapman, Product client

When most people hear "product photography" their mind immediately goes to staged white-background photos with harsh studio light, but never fear - none of that here. Your ideal consumer should be able to easily see themselves using your product, should be able to relate to the people photographed using your product, and should want to experience the feeling or mood that the photo conveys. They should be able to look at a photo and feel an immediate emotional connection to your product, without even knowing much about it. Through extensive session preparation as well as knowledge and experience, I can promise you just that - my approach to product photography takes into account your target audience, the desired look and feel you want your product to have to consumers, and then uses models or props to create a brand story in each individual photo.

Product Photography


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