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"Lindley is a photographer but also a social media strategist and is absolutely great in understanding the needs and expectations of my business."

A Social Media Package that is Actually All-Inclusive, Handled by a True Professional.

So, you want a strong social PRESENCE... but you're tired of hiring people who stick you with bland captions or can't provide strong content to match their prices. well, look no further - 

After years of doing brand photography and watching my clients struggle to make the most of their gorgeous new images across their social platforms, or watching the lost potential of strategic images being paired with thoughtless captions, we are so excited to finally offer all-inclusive social media management packages as a part of Lindley Battle Branding! Lindley developed her subscription packages for businesses to take the guesswork out of sourcing high quality images for recurring digital and social media marketing purposes, and the package comes with regular branding photography, so that your content can stay fresh and consistent.  

No more hiring someone who maybe watched a few YouTube videos on social media scheduling and either uses your recycled content, or will snap some images on their iPhone. Your brand deserves so much more than that, and we firmly believe that if you're going to make an investment, make it once and make sure it's the best. In today's changing world, you can't afford to try to save a few dollars and end up working with someone who isn't top of their field. 


Working with our creative and strategic team will finally allow you to get back to running your business, instead of letting your business run you. You're passionate about many things, but chances are that if you're here, social media may not be one of them. We take the heavy lifting out of running a strong and successful social media by taking the time to get intimately acquainted with your brand and your goals, and keep a consistently scheduled stream of cohesive images posting to your page to promote your business. With scheduled monthly photoshoots, your content stays fresh and relevant and your online offerings stay completely up-to-date. Additionally, any images taken during one of our monthly content shoots are completely yours to use across any other platforms that you see fit. 

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frequently asked questions

What will this process look like? 

Once you sign your social media contract, we immediately begin building a deep knowledge of your brand. The process starts off with an in-depth questionnaire about your business, your target audience, and your goals with social media. From there, we will schedule our initial content shoot with all of your goals in mind. From the first shoot, we have a one-week turnaround time before your first post goes live! 

Tell me how you handle responding to direct messages on Instagram?

Although we schedule and post on your Instagram, we like to leave all of the direct communication with your followers up to you! There are several different reasons for this, but the first of which is simply that you will always know the answers better than we do. No matter how in-sync we are with you and your business, there will always be plenty of pieces that require direct communication between you and your audience, so rather than potentially requiring more back and forth between us, we pass this piece of things on to you directly.

What is the length of the contract?

Once you sign your social media contract, all packages come with a 90 term. After that initial period, we simply ask for 60 days notice if you intend to terminate our agreement for any reason. 

Do you offer any add-on options?

Absolutely! Everything from story packages to Reels, our team strives to provide the most cutting-edge features to get your page maximum exposure and engagement. Additionally, even though our package comes with once-a-day posting, we have had clients opt to double that at times - we're here to customize your package to completely fit your social media needs! 

Is this service only for businesses local to you?

Definitely not! We offer our services for businesses worldwide, as long as you have product that can be shipped directly to our studios for the content creation portion of the package.

You have a strong brand, solid values, and probably already quite a few customers... but you just can't make yourself show up consistently on social media.

You have a strong and incredible business, but just can't get a post up.

We're a perfect fit, if

Since my social media packages also include regular brand photography to keep your feed looking high end and consistent, my clients are willing to invest in the quality of images and content that they 

You Value Quality and Consistent Brand Imaging



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Say hello to slower mornings, less screen time, and a generally more manageable life - all just a button click away. We can't wait to help you get some balance back in your life and business, all while actively promoting you! 



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